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Jeff Majewski

Mr. Majewski has been in the transportation industry for 29 years. He has been part of the Management team of Majewski Transportation since the beginning. Mr. Majewski was a pioneer in the consolidation field and has developed a proven operational model that has stood the test of time. This model has planted a solid foundation and also gives the company the flexibility to grow.

Carrie Majewski

Carrie joined the Majewski team in 1994. She came from the banking industry and quickly implemented a much needed organizational process that was required for the company to become successful. This level of organization is now evident in many sectors of Majewski. As Accounting Manager and Human Resources Manager Mrs. Majewski has implemented processes that have provided stability to the company.

Tad Minter

Tad was new to the transportation industry when arriving to Majewski Transportation in 2007. His previous background was in the tire industry where he was a successful manager of a tire store. Mr. Minter used these experiences and learned the ways of transportation. In 2008 Tad became Fleet Manager. As fleet manager, Mr. Minter also had the foresight to create a shop. This shop reduced repair expenses and allowed the fleet to become more efficient. His work ethic and integrity are unrivalled.
  • "If we need it done, Majewski makes it happen hassle-free."

    DUNA-USA, Inc. Kendra Eyth
  • "1,317,655 miles driven and still trucking."

  • "8.5 million lbs. moved a month and room for more."


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